About Us

Pet Munch UK are a small independent business, all boxes are handmade and created with each individual pet in mind.

Pet Munch began as an idea during the third Lockdown in 2021 when we began introducing our German Shepherd Puppy to Natural Dog treats, it was clear that she enjoyed them much more then store bought treats and they would last much longer. However the issue came when we began searching the market and realised that genuine healthy, natural dog treats were hard to come by, the ones we could find were massively overpriced.

As such a desicion was made to source our own natural dog treats and create a range of boxes to suit a variety of dogs at a reasonable price, we believe all pets should experience the joy of natural treats and the benefits that come with eating fresh natural treats.

We have a wide variety of treats, chews and toys and can cater for all type of breed and many allergies, all boxes can be tailor made to suit individual pet needs and many products can also be bought individually.

In the future we hope to expand our business to include treats and toys for all household pets and also look to introduce a subscription box service so our regular customers can rest assured that fresh, delicious treats will be delivered each month to the door with no hassle.

We hope your pet enjoys our products and we would love to see your pets in action with their new treats!

Lots of Love,
Pet Munch UK